Tax and accounting consulting

Accounting consulting

Accounting consulting covers all aspects of a company’s work. Consulting can involve professional support in the set up and maintenance of accounts or the optimization of the tax base and reduction of tax payments by legal means. The range of consulting services may also include:

  • Assessment of tax risks before decision-making about investments, signing contracts and agreements
  • Preparation for audits and inspections by government agencies
  • Assistance in setting up accounts when establishing or transforming a business
  • Prompt notification of changes to tax legislation
  • Protection of the interests of a company in tax disputes
  • Development of an effective financial strategy

Tax consulting

Commercial companies, individual entrepreneurs and individuals can benefit from tax consulting when they need advice, information support or representation services related to taxes. A consultant can ensure that you correctly calculate your taxes, verify how well the company accounts are organized, and if there any errors that could lead to fines from the tax authorities.

Companies often turn to qualified accountants for help with tax planning and liaison with the regulatory authorities, and to analyze specific aspects of their accounts. Consulting can be one-time or long-term, in which the consultant provides ongoing professional business support.

Consulting is an effective tool to help a company meet its challenges.

Consultants can help you:

  • Reduce your tax base: lower compulsory payments through refunds and other legal methods. Tax optimization is performed strictly in compliance with current legislation
  • Reduce the risks associated with errors and inaccuracies in the calculation and payment of taxes
  • Represent the interests of the company when liaising with the tax authorities

VALEN provides tax consulting tailored to your needs and in full compliance with the requirements of tax legislation. Our tax consultants have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in tax consulting and can provide highly professional and reliable tax consulting services.