Outsourced accounting

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Each company should maintain accounting records: collect, systematize, and register information about its own operation in financial terms. The law requires to do so; however, it does not specify who exactly should be responsible for that in the company. Many companies employ full-time specialists or create Financial Departments. However, it may not always be beneficial and reasonable, it is often more convenient to use remote accounting management. 

Accounting outsourcing covers full range of services which a company may require. You may transfer accounting to professionals completely or pass them only individual tasks to simplify full-time employee’s work. Although it is possible to resolve almost all tasks remotely, some procedures require personal presence of a specialist. However, it is not a problem for professionals who outsource accounting: if necessary, they will come to submit documents to state authorities or personally communicate with company’s representatives.

Advantages of remote accounting management

Reduction of expenses for full-time specialists.

Hiring employees is associated with a whole list of costs: insurance payments, job placement. In case of accounting, you also have to spend money on installation and maintenance of 1C program. Transfer of accounting to outsource reduces expenses: you pay fixed amount of money, which is much less than total cost of salary, sick payments, and bonuses to full-time employee.

Guarantee of services’ quality.

Accountants and lawyers of our company have a wide range of experience that can only be acquired while working with different organizations and in different industries. Most financial specialists do not have such knowledge and skills. Moreover, we guarantee quality of services provided, thus we individually monitor actions of our employees, so you do not have to do the control by yourself. You may contact us at any time for up-to-date information about the situation or professional advice.

No sick days, vacations, or time off.

Each client who orders accounting on outsourcing is managed by whole team of professionals. Therefore, even if one of them goes on vacation, it does not affect performance of other employees. In case of a full-time specialist, you would have to think about how to replace him.

Convenient provision of services.

It is up to you to decide how many tasks to outsource. You can use help of our specialists on a specific issue, for instance, to prepare for tax audit. But at the same time, we can completely replace the Financial Department of the company, working with documents on a daily basis. This is much more convenient if consider that it is possible to submit tax reports and keep important documentation online.

VALEN provides qualified remote accounting services to companies of different profiles and scales. We provide comprehensive support to LLC, JSC and sole proprietors, cooperate with organizations from Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. Our employees have many years of experience in accounting. We will put in order current documentation or organize accounting from scratch, help to reduce tax base and avoid sanctions from regulatory authorities. Our staff will also advise you on any issues related to financial and tax accounting.

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