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The law obliges each company to keep accounting: from the day of its official establishment until the moment it is excluded from the state register. Organization and maintenance of accounting records fall on the shoulders of managers. And the reports are not recognized as compiled and valid without the director’s signature. At the same time, the regulatory authorities can fine the company for factual and formal errors in financial documents.

From this point of view, it is easier for individual entrepreneurs to work, since the law does not require them to maintain full accounting records, as for limited liability companies. However, sole proprietors are also involved in financial calculations, and often need the help of professional accountants and lawyers.

Accounting implies the collection and systematization of information about the property of an enterprise, its obligations, and economic activities. Financial documentation can be used to judge the situation of the company, its profitability and success. However, accounting is not limited to registers and ledgers. It also covers tax, personnel, primary documentation, all transactions with the movement of finance, as well as contracts with suppliers, investors, partners, customers.

Accounting services

In theory, the owners of companies can independently deal with accounting – the law does not necessarily require hiring a specialist for this. However, the organization of accounting in a LLC is a difficult and time-consuming task that requires deep knowledge and professional training. In addition, the regulatory authorities are not inclined to ignore mistakes, even if entrepreneurs make them out of ignorance or carelessness. Therefore, it is better to transfer accounting into the hands of specialists, thereby reducing the risk of fines and other sanctions.

Our company specializes in accounting and business support. The provision of accounting services consists of several blocks:

Reporting and taxation

  • formation and sending of reports to the Federal Tax Service, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, The Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Federal State Statistics Service (including zero reporting);
  • work with any taxation system of LLC, individual entrepreneur;
  • submission of reports via the Internet.

Accounting and tax accounting

  • formation of primary documents;
  • setting up and restoration of accounting;
  • consultation of a professional accountant;
  • remote accounting.

Personnel accounting, payroll

  • calculation of salaries, sick leave, vacations;
  • calculation of salary taxes and contributions;
  • formation of payments (receipts).

Legal optimization of the tax burden

  • calculating how much less you can pay;
  • an explanation of what benefits you can use;
  • finding and correcting global errors in accounting.

Comprehensive accounting management includes:

  • setting up accounting and tax accounting;
  • maintaining accounting, tax, personnel records;
  • preparation and submission of reports to the tax inspection, funds, statistics;
  • making payments and resolving issues with the bank, registration of foreign exchange transactions;
  • development of contracts, orders, filling out documents;
  • support during tax audits, drawing up a claim;
  • restoration of gaps in accounting and document circulation.

The accounting firm VALEN operates in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. Our specialists have extensive experience. The qualifications of our specialists allow us to quickly solve even the most complex problems: without compromising the quality of work and the reputation of the enterprise in the eyes of regulatory authorities.

We understand that competent organization and maintenance of records is one of the essential components of success. Therefore, entrusting the accounting department to professionals, you can devote your time without unnecessary worries to solving more pressing issues: business development, qualified personnel recruitment, product optimization, and competition in the market. We will take on the issues of vacations, sick leaves, maternity leaves and similar current tasks.

Cooperation with our company relieves you of the need to hire full-time accountants and financial specialists, and accordingly: pay them salaries, vacation pay, equip a workplace. Sign a contract with our company, and we will take care of all the formalities. It will cost even less than hiring full-time employees. In addition, you will never face a situation when a financial specialist went on vacation or went on sick leave: a well-coordinated team of experts will manage your affairs. They will always be in touch with you, you can consult at any time.

We provide accounting services for individual entrepreneurs, LLCs and enterprises of other forms of ownership, we cooperate with individuals and legal entities. Outsourcing is suitable not only for large companies, but also for small firms. Our specialists will calculate salaries and bonuses, pay taxes on time, and control the circulation of documents. If it is expensive to maintain a full-time accounting department, our company will offer a flexible system of prices for services. Therefore, the best solution is to order accounting from VALEN. Leave a request on the website and we will call you back to answer your questions!