Accounting Recovery

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Restoration of accounting records is a complex work on bringing the company’s financial documents in accordance with the legislation. The task of the specialist is to issue documents in accordance with the requirements of current laws, to make sure that the accounting information in the database corresponds to the information submitted to the tax authorities. If necessary, the declarations submitted earlier are corrected.

When is necessary to restore the accounting:

  • There are gaps in the company’s accounting for more than a month.
  • Previously, the company did not maintain tax and accounting records.
  • Documentation is partially or completely lost due to force-majeure.
  • Regulatory authorities found errors in reporting and imposed a fine.
  • The credentials were deliberately distorted: for example, an employee who is being fired may do this.

How does the reconstruction of accounting happen?

Our company offers full or partial accounting recovery services. Partial recovery means resuscitation of documentation and reporting for a certain period. You usually need to calculate wages and deductions, restore cash transactions and movements of funds in the main account, and so on. But restoration in full means that specialists will re-register the documentation according to all the rules from the moment of the company’s Foundation.

The work is carried out in several stages. The first of them is the conclusion of a contract. This document records the sequence, timing, and cost of work. Then the specialists start the initial analysis of the documentation: its collection and sorting. They determine whether there are gaps in the documents. After that, they proceed to processing lost documents, creating registers and reports. Finally, experts identify errors made in documents, clarify, and submit data to the regulatory authorities. Restoration is completed when all the facts of economic activity are reflected, as well as the corresponding reports are compiled.

How much does it cost to restore accounting records?

We offer a flexible pricing system, so you pay only for the services you use, and not for a standard set of tasks. Thus, the cost of recovery directly depends on the volume and complexity of the work. If the company needs to restore documentation in just a couple of months, it will be cheaper than re-issuing reports for six months or a year. We call the final price of services in advance: it will be fixed in the contract.

VALEN provides accounting restoration services for LLC and sole proprietors in Moscow and other regions, and we also work with tax accounting. VALEN specialists will put in order current documentation, eliminate errors, submit all necessary adjustment reports, and give recommendations for further accounting. 

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