Accounting Recovery

The reconstruction of accounts is a complex process in which a company’s financial reports are put in order. The auditor is tasked with preparing reports in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, and ensuring that the accounting entries in the database correspond to the information submitted to the tax authorities. If necessary, previously submitted tax returns are corrected.

Cases in which it is necessary to reconstruct accounts:

  • There are gaps in the company’s accounts for more than a month
  • The company previously did not keep tax and accounting records
  • Documentation is partially or completely lost due to force majeure circumstances
  • The supervisory authorities found errors in reports and levied a fine
  • Accounting entries were deliberately misrepresented – for example, an employee who is fired might do this

VALEN provides account reconstruction services for LLCs and individual entrepreneurs in Moscow and the regions. VALEN accountants have extensive experience in the reconstruction of accounts. They will put your current documentation in order, eliminate errors, submit all the necessary corrective reports, and also provide recommendations on maintaining your accounts going forward. Send us a message through our website or call: +7 (495) 7-888-096, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We would be delighted to see you in our office in Moscow.