Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports

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In accordance with Russian legislation, all business entities are required to prepare and submit reports in a timely manner that meet the requirements of the tax regime under which the company operates. In addition to tax and accounting reports, businesses are also required to submit statistical reports to the statistical authorities.

Timely preparation and submission of accounting reports is the key to the successful operation of any enterprise. Failure to comply with legal requirements may result in adverse consequences for the company from regulatory authorities.

Organizations that want to avoid sanctions for violating legal requirements for the preparation of accounting and tax reports, as a rule, turn to qualified specialists who can guarantee the successful provision of all necessary services in the field of accounting. Therefore, VALEN offers professional accounting services for reporting in Moscow and other cities.

The concept of financial and tax reporting

Accounting records, systematizes and summarizes all business operations carried out by an organization during its activities. Financial statements are necessary for regulatory authorities to form an objective view of the company’s performance. But submitting accounting reports can also be useful for the organization itself. Based on the documents prepared by specialists, managers and managers can get a comprehensive understanding of the profitability of the business, the presence of internal problems, profitability and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Submission of tax reports is closely related to accounting, but in this case, we are talking about documents that reflect the calculation and payment of taxes. These are declarations and calculations on paper and electronic media. If the law does not oblige individual entrepreneurs to fully maintain accounting, then filing tax documents is a mandatory procedure for every business. It depends on whether it is registered as an LLC or sole proprietor.

Professional assistance in submitting reports to the tax service, which is offered by VALEN specialists, will help to avoid sanctions from state authorities. However, its advantages do not end there. The support of our employees will help optimize the tax base and reduce payments-using legal methods provided for by law.

When you need professional services for the preparation of financial statements

The VALEN team works with large and small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and limited liability companies. You can fully pass on the issues of tax and accounting reporting to us, saving yourself the need to hire a full-time accountant or form an entire Finance Department. But we will also perform one-time preparation and delivery of papers for your organization. VALEN guarantees timely submission of documents to the regulatory authorities, as well as the absence of complaints from them. Most often we are contacted in such cases:

  • it is not profitable to hire an accountant in the state;
  • a full-time specialist is on vacation, on sick leave, on maternity leave, or unavailable for other reasons;
  • only one-time submission of reports is required, for example, when a business is liquidated;
  • it is necessary to issue zero reporting, because the business is not actually working;
  • the company strives to avoid claims and penalties for errors in accounting documents;
  • full-time employees do not have time to be present in public bodies;
  • you plan to transfer accounting and tax accounting to remote work.

Full and partial accounting

VALEN can only take on individual accounting tasks. For example, our specialists will be responsible for submitting reports to the tax authorities: once or on a regular basis. However, you can also transfer other accounting-related tasks to our specialists, or fully entrust financial and tax documents to our company.

Our specialists will replace not only the accountant, but also the entire financial and legal Department. We will fill out primary documentation, maintain registers, and submit reports. VALEN can also organize accounting from scratch: this is an up-to-date service for businesses that are just getting started. Our specialists will calculate and calculate salaries and bonuses, taxes and budget payments. Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees, you will be insured against any claims from regulatory authorities. We will help you prepare for scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

What services do we offer:

  • Preparation and submission of financial reports – for companies of any form of ownership, using any tax system.
  • Accounting for individual entrepreneurs, consulting and preparing reports for sole proprietors.
  • Submission of documents for extra-budgetary funds, including the Pension Fund.
  • Preparation and submission of zero reports for organizations of any size and form of ownership.
  • Assistance in official business liquidation, preparation for the procedure, submission of applications and interaction with government agencies.
  • Setting up accounting from scratch when opening a company or after its reorganization.
  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals and legal entities.
  • Independent audit of financial statements, preparation of recommendations for optimizing the tax base.
  • Payroll, sick and vacation payments, and bonuses for employees of your organization.

Please note that our specialists are always in touch. Unlike full-time employees who may go on vacation or get sick, we provide services continuously. In addition, you are spared the need to independently monitor the punctuality and accuracy of the work of specialists. VALEN conducts strict quality control and provides customers with documented guarantees.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Flexible tariffs for the services of accountants and tax professionals.
  • Financial and legal advice from experienced professionals.
  • Guarantee of high quality of reporting and record keeping.
  • Timely submission of reports to all government agencies.
  • Professional training for inspections and their support.

Our employees carefully monitor changes in tax legislation. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that you complete all your documents on time and correctly. VALEN specialists have many years of experience in the field of accounting and can guarantee successful preparation and submission of tax reports. We also consider the specifics and scale of your business and industry specifics. Our employees are not third-party accountants who only perform a strictly specified amount of work. We provide full support and comprehensive support for your business.

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