HR accounting services

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HR accounting services

HR accounting is an integral part of the functioning of any organization. Each company that carries out business activities must maintain personnel documents, calculate and pay monthly salaries for its employees.

Salary calculation and payroll functions are performed by an accountant; the accountant also calculates vacation, business trip, and hospital payments, accrues taxes and pays insurance premiums, and reports to extra-budgetary funds. The accountant is often responsible for maintaining personnel documents.

Not every accountant has the appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of maintaining personnel documents. This is why companies are increasingly outsourcing HR accounting and payroll functions. This practice helps to save the company money, facilitate activities in the field of accounting and guarantee qualified and professional provision of all necessary personnel accounting services.

VALEN specialists with long-term experience in financial and personnel accounting can provide a full range of services related to personnel documentation and payroll.

What HR accounting services do we provide:

  • Preparation for drawing up employment contracts.
  • Registration of personnel files of full-time specialists.
  • Competent filling out of employees’ workbooks.
  • Maintaining a record book that fixes employment records.
  • Filling in the registers of all personnel documents, including sick lists.
  • Staff employment and dismissal.
  • Regular reports to the employment center and more.

VALEN specialists can take on individual tasks such as hiring and transferring employees, making changes to personnel files, and so on. But we also provide comprehensive HR services. It saves you from having to get full-time specialists who will deal with these issues, since we will take over all the functions of the Human Resource Department.

At your request, VALEN experts will draw up a vacation schedule and keep records of them, draw up pension insurance data and other documents necessary for calculating compensation and benefits. We are always in touch, so you can always contact us for advice on personnel issues. In addition, our company uses modern technologies, excluding the human factor, so we are ready to set up and automate accounting processes for your business.

Who will benefit from HR services:

  • Businesses that do not have full-time human resources specialists.
  • Companies that have increased their staff to more than 100 people, when it is difficult to cope with accounting on their own.
  • Business during the official closing period, when it is necessary to calculate employees and prepare documents for government agencies.
  • Organizations that are specific to staff turnover or work with foreign employees.
  • All entrepreneurs, managers and managers faced with time-consuming and non-standard or complex personnel tasks.

Advantages of personnel accounting services from VALEN:

Our experts have deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field of accounting and HR accounting. Therefore, there are no tasks that are too difficult for us. We help to organize personnel accounting from scratch, conduct its audit for compliance with the requirements of the law, and also perform the entire range of personnel tasks. Our specialists carefully monitor changes in legislation to ensure high quality of services.

By contacting us, you will be sure that all documents are completed correctly and on time. We control our experts. In addition, you will have not just one person working for you, but the whole professional team, so we can increase the number of our specialists involved in your business at any time if necessary. VALEN offers a flexible pricing system, so it is profitable for large and small businesses to cooperate with US.

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