Creation and adjustment of the company budget

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For a business to run effectively, it is important to carefully allocate its resources. For this a budget is required, which is a financial plan of income and expenses over a specific period of time.

A formal budgeting process is the foundation for good business management, growth and development.

It may also be necessary to adjust a company budget to allocate resources more efficiently in cases where the company budget has been approved but requires revision or change.

Why do I need a company budget?

  • To manage and coordinate the activities of the company
  • To achieve the company goals through the most efficient use of its resources
  • To analyze and gain a clear understanding of the costs and revenues of the company
  • To carefully allocate the available resources
  • To assess the financial condition of the company and identify weak areas that need improvement

To update the information contained in the budget, it may be necessary to adjust the company budget. This may be required when the company budget has been approved but needs improvements or changes to ensure the more efficient use of its resources.

The VALEN team provides a full range of services related to the financial planning of your company, including:

  • Creation of a company budget
  • Adjustment of a company budget
  • Advice on company budgeting