Tax Health-Check

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Tax Health Check is the examination of tax efficiency, as well as risks of a company, which is conducted by using same methods as tax authorities usually apply. Unlike an audit, a tax Health-Check is performed without recalculating and / or rechecking the amount of tax liabilities.

Based on the results of the tax Health Check, VALEN Tax specialists prepare a legal opinion with answers to the following questions:

  1. Tax risks and consequences of a company’s activities, including:
    • risks of unreliable counterparties;
    • risks and consequences of real estate transactions;
    • risks and consequences of transactions with trademarks and other intangible assets;
    • risks of transactions with affilates;
    • risks for intragroup services;
    • risks of transactions with foreign counterparties;
    • issues of personal income tax (bonuses, “golden parachutes”);
    • issues of legitimacy of the tax incentives application and / or special tax regimes.
  2. Does the company have an opportunity to reduce identified risks by introducing specific changes in its activities, yet maintaining the existing structure (the changes will be described in detail);
  3. Tax reserves (if any).

Valen Tax specialists offer a full range of services related to tax Health Check, within which they help companies identify potential tax problems and increase company value.

Our Tax Health Check practice is comprised of a diverse range of professionals, including accountants, financial specialists, and lawyers. Each of them possesses knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

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