HR outsourcing

HR accounting outsourcing involves the provision by third-party companies of HR accounting and personnel management services. This significantly reduces the burden on the accounting department of your company and may even eliminate the need to hire internal HR staff.

Why do I need HR accounting outsourcing?

The requirements of Russian labour legislation for employers are among the world’s most stringent. There is no single document regulating all aspects of labour relations, which complicates HR accounting. In addition, Russian labour legislation is undergoing constant change, and the penalties for violating this legislation have been made more severe in recent years.

With HR outsourcing your company can correctly maintain HR records and comply with labour laws while focusing on your core business.

The VALEN team provides HR accounting outsourcing based on a taxpayer’s specific business and in full accordance with the requirements of labour legislation. Our highly professional experts have extensive experience and knowledge of HR accounting outsourcing and guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of all types of HR accounting reports.

Our services

Our team offers a full range of HR accounting services, including:

  • Analysis of HR reports for compliance with the law
  • Creation of internal policies and procedures and job descriptions
  • Monitoring of compliance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
  • Maintenance of all HR reports
  • Registration of employment contracts
  • Creation of staffing and holiday schedules
  • Support during inspections by regulatory bodies