Outsourcing of HR recordkeeping

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Outsourcing of personnel accounting is a set of personnel management services that are performed by a third-party company, which significantly reduces the load on the accounting service of the enterprise, and possibly eliminates the need to have a personnel officer in the staff.

What tasks does HR accounting outsourcing solve?

The requirements of Russian labor legislation for employers are among the most severe when compared with other countries. There is no single document regulating all aspects of registration of labor relations, which complicates accounting. In addition, the Labor legislation of the Russian Federation is constantly changing, and sanctions for its violation have significantly tightened in recent years.

Outsourcing of personnel accounting allows the company to solve problems related to accounting and compliance with labor legislation, without being distracted from the main activity.

VALEN provides outsourcing of personnel accounting, considering the specifics of a particular taxpayer’s activity, in full compliance with the requirements of labor legislation. Our specialists have the necessary experience and extensive knowledge that allow us to perform accounting at a professional level and with a high level of responsibility for the correctness and timeliness of all types of personnel accounting reports.

HR accounting outsourcing is necessary when:

  • The specifics of the company involve frequent staff changes. Hiring and firing require proper registration, and if there are a lot of such tasks, you may need the support of experienced specialists.
  • There were pre-trial disputes with employees. Our lawyers will resolve conflicts between subordinates and management without bringing the problem to court. However, in a critical situation, we are also ready to protect your interests in the meeting room, if necessary.
  • It is necessary to communicate frequently with regulatory authorities. We will not only prepare all the necessary reports and documents, but also communicate with representatives of state authorities.
  • HR specialists cannot cope with the volume of work. This happens in organizations with a staff of more than 100 people. If the company expanded gradually, but the number of employees did not change, difficulties arise over time. At the same time, it is impossible to find a good specialist in the state quickly, and the documentation must be completed on time.
  • The company works with non-standard personnel documents that require extensive experience and deep knowledge from specialists. VALEN employees know all the subtleties of personnel production, they will make individual conditions in contracts, reflect a special system of remuneration in documents, and register foreign specialists in the staff.

Of course, the help of VALEN specialists is necessary for organizations that do not have their own personnel. We can organize accounting from scratch and take on all the functions related to hiring employees: registration in the state, calculation and calculation of salaries, registration of contracts, monitoring compliance with labor laws, and much more.

Our specialists carefully monitor changes in the Labor Code and other regulatory documents, acts and laws regulating the sphere of employment. Therefore, with our support, you will never face claims from regulatory authorities. In addition, we can perform accounting diagnostics and conduct an independent audit to identify shortcomings and errors in the organization of this area.

Our service

Our specialists can provide a full range of services related to personnel accounting, including:

  • Analysis of personnel documents for compliance with legislation.
  • Development of local regulations and job descriptions.
  • Monitoring compliance with the RF labor code.
  • Maintain all personnel documentation.
  • Execution of employment contracts.
  • Preparation of staff and vacation schedules.
  • Support during inspections of regulatory authorities.

Advantages of accounting from VALEN

Our experts have many years of experience in the field of personnel accounting, its organization and optimization. There are no tasks that are too complex for them. However, we offer a flexible payment system the cost of services depends on several factors, including the volume and complexity of tasks. This means that you do not overpay for a package of services that you do not need, but you only pay for the support you really need.

We are always in touch, and if full-time specialists may get sick, our team is always ready to solve your problems. Since the company cooperates with not one expert, but a whole team of professionals, you will not face a situation when the only person who can find the necessary documents has gone on vacation or is in the hospital.

In addition, cooperation with us eliminates the source of problems such as the human factor. Unfortunately, people tend to make mistakes, but we have developed a control system that allows you to exclude shortcomings and flaws. If the experts who keep records change, VALEN ensures continuity, so you will not even notice the change of responsible specialists. We adhere to high standards of record keeping and are always ready to attract additional employees if it is required to solve your task.

Our company is financially responsible for the quality of services this point is fixed in the contract that we sign with each client. We ensure professional liability, so you can be 100% sure that the actions of our experts will not lead to additional costs for the business. Finally, we optimize office work and use the latest technologies to solve current problems. Manual labor is kept to a minimum to eliminate the influence of the human factor.

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