Management services

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Most small and medium-sized companies are making increasing use of outsourcing arrangements for certain functions. The main purpose of outsourcing is to cut the costs associated with employing full-time specialists and increasing efficiency. In addition to regular employees, highly specialized experts can also be hired on this basis.

Which positions can be outsourced?

  1. CEO
    Sometimes companies have difficulties recruiting a certain employee such as a highly specialized foreign specialist. In this regard, we can offer CEO (“interim manager”) outsourcing services prior to the official employment of the foreign employee.
  2. Chief accountant
    It is convenient to outsource your accountancy work instead of using a full-time employee to do this work.
  3. CFO
    The CFO is primarily responsible for the financial health of a company; creating the conditions for the company to increase its profits and attractiveness to investors. It is not obligatory to have a financial director in your company, instead you can get support to manage your financial affairs when necessary.

What is the advantage of outsourcing managers?

  • Availability of contractor on any working day, no holidays or sick leave
  • Cost savings
  • Experts with most extensive professional experience gained as a result of working for the consulting company and dealing with several clients in various fields.

VALEN offers management services for all companies. Our team has extensive experience in large consulting projects in various fields with several clients at the same time.