CFO outsourcing

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The CFO is responsible for the financial health of a company. He or she must possess not only extensive knowledge in various aspects of economics and finance, but also have a full understanding of the interests and goals of the business owner. 

Role of the CFO:

  • Calculate company profits
  • Identify which part of the business is causing losses
  • Analyze potential investment projects
  • Select a team of financiers and accountants
  • Develop a business plan with minimal financial losses
  • Advise on the current financial situation of the company

In a small company, it is not necessary to hire an in-house CFO; you can completely or partially outsource this position. This will cut the costs associated with a full-time CFO, and enable you to clearly define the responsibilities and duties of the remote CFO.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of accounting and tax and in supporting the financial activities of companies. Our services include outsourcing the responsibilities of the company CFO in part or in full, as well as advising on the financial activities of the company.