Setting up a separate accounting system for tax purposes

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For some companies, a separate income and expenses accounting system is a necessity. This applies to businesses that have facilities that are subject to different tax regimes. Accordingly, these must be recorded separately in reports. Most often, a separate accounting system is required if a company:

  • Combines different tax regimes
  • Carries out taxable and non-taxable VAT transactions
  • Provides services whose prices are regulated by the state
  • Combines commercial and non-commercial work
  • Works with government contracts

When highly-qualified professionals set up an accounting system, this ensures that the process is error-free and eliminates the risk of large fines from the regulatory authorities. Expert support eliminates problems such as underpayment or overpayment, and ensures that accounting techniques are correctly applied.

Our professional services for setting up a separate accounting system for tax purposes include an analysis of your operations to determine the optimal way of building a separate accounting system. We also provide software support services when setting up separate accounts.