Accounting consulting

Accounting standards and regulations are constantly changing, so it is important to keep track of the latest amendments and changes to the law. But even a full-time accountant who tries to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry may face a situation in which they have insufficient knowledge or experience to deal with a specific situation. Since accounting is a complex discipline, this can be the case even with experienced professionals.

In this case, you should contact a consulting company which can provide you with a highly qualified accountant. Consultants can offer prompt and knowledgeable responses to your queries. Convenient and effective, there is high demand for consulting services in the business community.

Benefits of accounting consulting:

  • Elimination of inaccuracies, gaps and errors in tax and accounting records
  • Optimization of tax base and reduction of expenses 
  • Prompt resolution of complex intellectual challenges
  • Clear and detailed information on your current situation
  • Improvement of the accuracy and reliability of your accounts

Accounting consulting offers other benefits to businesses. Consulting companies are flexible in adapting to the needs of the client: you can obtain advice on a one-time basis or hire a consultant to provide ongoing support.

The VALEN team can provide a full range of accounting consulting services. We offer advice on accounting issues, help record transactions in electronic registers and optimize your tax base. VALEN professional accountants also provide support during audits by tax authorities and can draw up and improve accounting policies and procedures in your company. We provide information on the latest changes to tax legislation, and advise on VAT accounting.