Setting rules for adequate accounting records

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Professional accounting management guarantees not only absence of any complaints from controlling authorities, but also helps companies’ owners and managers to make right decisions as well as pay more attention to solving strategic tasks without being distracted by routine. Professional accounting protects business from unnecessary risks and penalties.

Setting up accounting from scratch is necessary for companies that have been founded recently. The law requires accounting to be started as soon as the company is listed in relevant state register. The company’s General Director is responsible for that.

Purpose of setting up accounting is effective work of the company and its financial Department. This service is also designed to help client choose tax system as well as develop accounting and personnel policies. Each company when starting its operation is required to develop legal framework for internal documents, determine suitable accounting system and create document management system.

VALEN will take care of accounting so you will be always sure that the reports are submitted on time, papers are filled out properly and all business operations are correctly reflected in the reports. We will help to organize existing documents, check the accuracy of accounting and correct mistakes. We can set up accounting from scratch as well.