Accounting for individual entrepreneurs

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Russian laws do not oblige every individual entrepreneur to keep full financial records. However, everyone, without exception, must file tax returns. Failure to meet deadlines, errors in reports and other deviations from the norms established by tax legislation are fraught with large fines. In some cases, inspectors can initiate compulsory liquidation, therefore, accounting services are no less important for individual entrepreneurs than for other business representatives.

The VALEN company specializes in accounting for individual entrepreneurs in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. We offer a full range of services:

  • organization and maintenance of accounting from scratch;
  • preparation of primary reporting;
  • preparation and submission of documents to tax authorities;
  • calculation and accrual of salaries, bonuses and other payments to employees;
  • financial and tax consulting;
  • optimization of the tax base;
  • personnel records and much more.

You can order a permanent service or individual services from us: preparation for a tax audit, formation and filing of reports, payroll calculation. Our company employs experienced professionals who thoroughly know the legal framework. We constantly monitor changes in Russian and international legislation in order to guarantee the high quality of accounting support.

Outsourced IE accounting: advantages

In theory, an entrepreneur can independently deal with accounting. However, regulatory authorities tend to fine even for formal errors, the slightest deviation from laws and regulations. Without experience and special knowledge, it is easy to make mistakes that will entail sanctions from the tax office. In addition, without the support of professionals, it is difficult to develop an effective accounting system, choose a taxation scheme, and competently maintain primary documentation.

On the one hand, it is convenient to hire a full-time accountant who will take over financial and tax accounting. However, for many entrepreneurs it is too expensive. It is much more profitable and easier to outsource accounting. In this case, you do not have to charge the employee’s salary and pay sick leave, equip the workplace. The cost of support from VALEN is less than the cost of a full-time specialist. But at the same time, you can be sure: accounting is in the hands of experienced professionals. One of the key principles of companies that offer accounting services is complete and unconditional confidentiality.

The outsourcing company will undertake the solution of all tasks related to accounting, including the execution of cash documents. Since each financial procedure must be reflected in accounting papers, it is important to draw up primary documents. And if you work with non-cash payments, you will need to connect to electronic programs and systems, maintain accounting and cash procedures.

The law requires that both incoming and outgoing payments be properly processed. Entrust these questions to our specialists, and the regulatory authorities will never have any claims against you! Additionally, our employees will advise you on tax risks, government audits, business organization and tax optimization. We will help you develop an effective financial strategy.

The VALEN company provides accounting services for individual entrepreneurs. Our specialists are highly qualified and have extensive experience. They will take care of organizing accounting, maintaining current documentation, preparing for inspections and preparing reports. They will also always stay in touch with you, ready at any time to answer your questions and advise.