Client-Bank online banking

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Client-Bank is a convenient program which individual entrepreneurs and companies can use to remotely manage their financial accounts. Client-Bank is special software developed specifically for online financial management. It allows individual entrepreneurs and companies to conveniently manage their current accounts online, avoiding the need to visit bank branches and stand in long lines.

Benefits of the online banking system

In this program you gain access to a wide range of online services previously provided in bank branches. The program is highly versatile, enabling companies and entrepreneurs to increase their efficiency through enhanced financial management. In Client-Bank you can:

  • Perform operations with payment orders
  • Perform banking operations
  • Receive and send electronic reports
  • Import electronic reports into the system
  • Export reports for any account
  • Perform bank deposit transactions
  • Buy and sell currencies
  • Make urgent payments
  • Check the current account

Financial experts can easily work with an account through Client-Bank; they have all the information they need about payments at their fingertips due to the seamless integration with accounting software. Importing and exporting information takes from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.