Selective audit of financial statements

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An audit of financial statements includes operational and financial reports, registers and other accounting documents maintained by a company. The auditor can analyze specific accounts or perform a full audit.

In a selective audit, only a section of the paperwork is audited for each month of the reporting period, or the auditor analyzes reports for certain months. If at this stage any violations are found in the company accounts, a full audit is performed, and all the accounts are analyzed. 

What is a selective audit for?

Such an audit helps to identify and eliminate tax and financial risks at minimal cost. Business owners are encouraged to hire an expert auditor if there is even the slightest suspicion that the financial statements or any part of them do not comply with the current legislation.

Our services

Our accountants can provide a full range of services related to the selective audit of financial statements. Upon your request, we can:

  • Perform a selective audit of your operational and financial records
  • Verify that your accounting entries are error-free and that tax reports and tax returns have been correctly filled in and filed with the tax authorities
  • Clarify the amount of tax payments and analyze tax exemptions and deductions
  • Prepare a written report indicating any errors and inconsistencies found in accounting and tax reports