Audit report on errors and violations

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A written report is an official document prepared by an auditor based on the results of an audit of a company’s accounts. The report gives information on any errors, omissions and violations that the auditor finds in the company’s accounts. In the report the auditor also provides recommendations on their elimination.

By law, the report must contain information on how business transactions are recorded in the registers, the audit methods and techniques employed by the auditor, and the procedure for preparing financial statements. In addition, the auditor identifies critical areas where errors or inconsistencies are likely to occur. At the same time, they recommend how best to maintain different accounting systems to keep the records error-free.

A company owner may need such a report in order to eliminate minor violations going forward. If in the report the auditor indicates that a full audit is required, then the auditors who perform the full audit may also need to review the report. In addition, when selling a small business, a written report can be provided to a potential buyer.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of tax and accounting records
  • Identification of errors, violations and probable risks in accounts
  • Preparation of a written report with expert recommendations