Analysis and assessment of risks

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Risk assessment is an important part of any company’s work. To manage risks, you must first identify and study them. To this end, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the risk factors your company faces, which methods are best employed when analyzing the situation, and which resources should be used.

A risk analysis is performed based on the information contained in these documents:

  • Operational and financial reports
  • Financial statements
  • Organizational structure and staff schedule
  • Financial and production plans

Qualitative and quantitative assessment stage

During a qualitative assessment, auditors first identify potential risk areas and risk factors related to a company’s operations, and then make an analysis of the benefits and possible impact of the emergence of such risks.

A quantitative risk assessment involves the calculation of numerical values, both for individual risks and the risk situation as a whole. At this stage auditors also calculate the possible impact on the business if a risk emerges.

At the end of the analysis, the auditor develops a number of anti-risk measures and calculates their cost.

Who needs risk assessment and analysis services:

  • Company owners
  • Financial directors
  • Potential company investors and buyers

Our services

The VALEN team offers a full range of services related to the analysis and assessment of risk. We can study your company’s operational and financial reports and identify risks in all or specific areas of the accounts. We then provide a written report with recommendations on how to eliminate the identified risks.