Calculation of the cost of accounting services

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The cost of accounting services of the company depends on various factors – the type of activity of the company – for example, production, trade, construction, etc., the taxation regime and other factors.

The calculation of the cost of services begins with an assessment of the type of business activity of the company, since there are specific features of accounting for a trading company and a manufacturing company, or a construction company.

If a company uses a common taxation system, this is a more expensive option compared to a simplified taxation system, since the number of tax reports increases, etc.

Depending on the range of services offered – from the project to full accounting support, the cost of services also varies.

It should be understood that the low cost of the accounting services offered includes the risks of an unprofessional approach, which will lead to more deplorable results for the company in the future – additional taxes, fines, penalties, the need to restore accounting, etc. Thus, the savings will bear their negative fruits.

Therefore, when choosing an outsourcing company, you should always be guided by the right ratio: price / quality of services, reliability of the company.

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