Contract for the provision of accounting services

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Due to the popularity of outsourcing accounting processes in Russia for several years, this service remains increasingly in demand in the field of small and medium-sized businesses. As you know, the accounting of a company can be assigned to a third-party organization, or a third-party individual. In this case, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the provision of accounting services with a third-party organization or individual.

The contract for the provision of accounting services is a contract reflecting the terms of the transaction, the rights of the parties, the obligations and responsibilities of the company when using the services of a freelance accountant.

The contract is concluded in writing. The accounting services contract does not require state registration or notarization, the law does not impose special requirements.

At the conclusion of the contract, it is necessary to determine•

* the list of services provided by the contractor ;

• cost of services ;

* the period of service provision (initial and final).

When concluding a contract for the provision of accounting services, the Customer is obliged to provide, in addition to payment for accounting services,

* timely transfer, without delay, to the accountant, of primary accounting documents (such as invoices, acceptance certificates, acts of work performed, personnel documents and other primary accounting documents)

• provision of information on employment contracts accepted by employees, opening bank accounts, concluding transactions without time delays, etc.

* timely signing of prepared reports, acceptance of the results of its work (reports).

When concluding a contract for the provision of accounting services, the Contractor is obliged to:

* follow the instructions of the company’s governing body, prepare reports in a timely and professional manner in accordance with the Law “On Accounting.” dated 06.12.2011 No. 402, approved accounting standards and other regulatory documents;

* represent the interests of the company when interacting with tax authorities, statistical authorities;

* provide the necessary explanations on accounting, as well as warn the management of the organization about the possible adverse consequences of concluding certain commercial transactions or actions;

* prepare and submit to management reports on the work done

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