Price list for accounting services

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Each legal entity by the Federal Law “On Accounting” engage to maintain accounting and tax records of its economic activities, regardless of the applicable tax system, as well as submit accounting and tax reports within the time limits established by tax legislation.

The cost of accounting support depends on many factors, mainly on the number of transactions, suppliers and customers, and the cost of support will be influenced by such factors as:

• the number of officially employed employees;

• availability of highly qualified specialists

• the presence of subsidiary company;

• availability of export and import operations;

• availability of credit or leasing agreements;

• availability of vehicles;

• availability of a cash register;

• type of activity (sale or service)

The head of the company needs to decide what range of services he wants to receive. And according to a price list, estimate possible costs

The company “VALEN” provides quality services for the maintenance and support of accounting for LLC at the most affordable prices in Moscow. Accounting can be conducted in Russian, English.

Therefore, it is good practice to contact companies that provide accounting services for doing business, having familiarized yourself with the price list and the availability of the services provided in advance.