Development of the company’s accounting policy

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Accounting policy refers to methods of conducting tax and accounting records. All business operations must be supported by documents. Accounting policy plays an important role in the work of an enterprise, so managers and business owners need to organize it correctly. Then the company will function stably and successfully.

The best way to develop the accounting policy of an enterprise is to deal with specialists who are professionally engaged in accounting. Their qualified assistance ensures that the system is correct and efficient. However, the organization’s accounting policy performs different functions. Separately create a UE for accounting purposes, separately-for tax accounting. The quality and effectiveness of accounting policies depend on the result of the organization’s activities, and neglect of this aspect of work leads to disastrous consequences.

VALEN specialists will help you solve accounting policy issues. They have many years of accounting experience. We provide a full range of services related to the development of UE for accounting and tax accounting purposes.

Development of accounting policy: what is included in the service:

  • Analysis of the company’s business activities and current accounting status, study of the company’s work and its documentation.
  • Creating an effective policy that takes into account the specifics of the industry, the company’s activities, its goals and objectives.
  • Execution of documents: orders, appendices, regulations, and others that fix the accounting policy.

Leave a request on the site, and we will contact you for free advice on issues related to accounting. Before performing the main work, we conclude an agreement with our clients that sets the terms of creating an accounting policy, the amount of work and the cost of services. We offer a flexible pricing system that makes our services available to a wide range of organizations. VALEN experts work with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

When is it necessary to develop an accounting policy for an enterprise

This document is prepared when the company is just starting work. Because when developing an accounting policy, all the key points related to financial, tax, and personnel accounting are approved. A well-written document is required, and its absence will lead to difficulties in the future. The policy is requested by tax authorities, as well as banks. It is also required for participation in the tender.

However, this is not a document that is approved once and for all. The policy must be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant. Changes may be related to amendments to laws or new legislative initiatives, but they are also necessary when changes occur within the enterprise itself. This may be an increase in staff, expansion of production, change in structure, and so on.

A formal approach to accounting policy is unacceptable, so you should not look for standard documents. It is better to entrust policy development to experienced professionals who will carefully study the specifics of your business and recommend the best way to organize accounting. In addition, a well-designed policy helps to reduce the tax base using legal methods: you will not make payments that are easily avoided with a professional approach.

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