What is a digital signature for

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What is an electronic digital signature

EDS is the possibility of signing in electronic form, which is the equivalent of a signature on paper, with equal legal force. An electronic signature is a special combination of characters. It is always unique and there is no possibility to make a fake on it, besides, it is generated when the file is certified.

After the document has been signed, there will no longer be an opportunity to change something in it or make additional changes. This means that the digital signature both identifies the sender and confirms that the file has remained unchanged since its creation.

There are certain programs, such as CryptoARM, CryptoPro, ViPNet PKI Client, etc. Thanks to them, the EP is generated, the certificate is authenticated and the time of signing the document is imprinted.

What is an electronic signature used for?

Today, most organizations use EDS. In the near future, electronic signatures will almost completely replace paper documents. ETS is also used by individuals, for example, to log in to the Public Services website or when receiving an SMS code from a bank to pay for online purchases. Below is a short list of possible ways to use the EP:

– submit a declaration to the Federal Tax Service;

– remotely conclude an employment contract;

– file a lawsuit through GAS “Justice”;

– apply for admission to the university;

– obtain a patent or permit for various works;

– conduct real estate transactions remotely (only if there is a special extension);

– sign contracts between the customer and the contractor;

– use in other cases when a person’s signature is needed.

Most often, legal entities resort to file sharing via the Internet.

Companies can use EDS to:

• participate in electronic bidding,

• conducting legally significant document flow with counterparties, government agencies and own personnel (HR EDO),

• filing a claim with the arbitration court,

• submission of reports: the tax inspectorate, the SFR accept most forms of reports in 2023 only in electronic form, everyone needs to report to Rosstat only electronically.