Submission of statistical reports: features, necessity for companies

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Submission of statistical reports in electronic form is the provision by companies and individual entrepreneurs of statistical reports based on accounting and tax documentation submitted through electronic services.

Statistical information allows the state and authorities to see the full picture of the state of society, its development trends and existing problems. Organizations use official statistical information, for example, to confirm their expenses for tax purposes, as well as to study the market and make business plans. The latter includes determining the volume of production and demand for products in the region, the average cost of fuel and materials, the presence of competitors in a certain field of activity.

Who submits reports to Rosstat

First of all, statistical information is provided by commercial organizations and sole proprietors. They need to prepare primary statistical data on predefined forms. Administrative data can be provided on paper or in electronic form.

Primary statistical data are submitted by respondents in the form of an electronic document signed with a digital signature. At the same time, the type of such signature is allowed to be determined by the subjects of statistical accounting. An exception to this rule is made only for individuals and foreigners who can still submit primary statistical data of their choice: on paper or in electronic form.

The new rules came into force on December 30, 2020. The requirement to submit statistical reports by small businesses only in electronic form has been in effect since January 1, 2022.

Statistical reporting forms

The approval of statistical reporting forms is the responsibility of Rosstat. The completed forms must be signed by the head of the organization or a responsible employee. Each form will include statistical indicators, frequency, timing, methods and addresses of submission, as well as the procedure for filling out the form.

All forms of statistical reporting are presented on the official website of Rosstat. The most relevant of them are:

  • Basic information about the activities of enterprises (1-Enterprise).
  • Data on the financial condition of the organization (P-Z).
  • Information on the number of employees, wages and movement of employees of the organization (P-4).
  • Information on underemployment and movement of workers (P-4 (NZ)).
  • Data on the number and wages of employees (1-T) — for organizations that do not report monthly on the P-4 form.

How to get statistics codes

Since 2021, you can find out the statistics codes using a special service on the official website of Rosstat. To do this, you must specify the INN, OGRNIP or OGRN, or OKPO.

To get the codes yourself, you need to contact the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service without an application, as part of a personal appointment. To do this, you need to have a number of documents.  

Documents (unverified copies) for obtaining statistics codes for individual entrepreneurs:

  • A copy of the OGRNIP certificate.
  • A copy of the TIN certificate.
  • A copy of the extract from the USRIP.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport.

Documents (unverified copies) for obtaining statistics codes for LLC:

  • A copy of the OGRN certificate.
  • A copy of the TIN certificate.
  • A copy of the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  • A copy of the Charter.
  • Passport details of the head of the organization.

Electronic submission of statistical reports

According to Federal Law No. 500-FZ of December 30, 2020 “On Official Statistical Accounting and the System of State Statistics in the Russian Federation”, from 2021 all reports to statistical bodies must be submitted in the form of electronic documents signed with a qualified digital signature. For this, you can use a web collection system or reporting services provided by specialized telecom operators.

The reporting form can be filled in offline mode using a special program – the offline module “Filling out statistical reporting forms”. After that, it can be downloaded on the Rosstat website.

Rosstat accepts reports only in XML format through special telecom operators. At the same time, you need to use the templates posted on the official website.

Deadlines for submitting statistical reports

Each reporting form has its own deadlines. This is usually the time period in which the report should arrive on the Rosstat server. Reports are usually submitted quarterly, semi-annually, once every 9 months or annually. You need to submit the form in the period from the 1st to the 30th of the month following the reporting period.

Thus, the deadlines will be as follows:

  • For quarterly – from April 1 to April 30, from July 1 to July 30, from October 1 to October 30.
  • For semi-annual – from July 1 to July 30.
  • For 9 months – from October 1 to October 30.
  • For annual – from January 1 to January 30.

Responsibility for violation of reporting deadlines

Violation of deadlines by an official responsible for providing statistical information for conducting state statistical observations entails the imposition of a fine from 30 to 50 minimum wages (minimum wage). The same penalty is imposed for violating the procedure for providing information or submitting incorrect information.  

Violation of the deadlines for the submission of state reports will be the delay of the report for at least a day. Any delay is considered as non-submission. The distortion of the reporting data will be considered their incorrect reflection in the state statistical reporting, made as a result of deliberate actions of officials with the aim of concealing income or for other selfish purposes. Also, ignoring the current instructions and methodological guidelines for reporting, as well as making arithmetic errors, will be considered a violation.