The Parliament approved the draft law on digital rubles.

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Last year, a bill was submitted to the Federation Council and the State Duma on the launch of the digital ruble. The Central Bank will be the operator of the platform and will carry out operations with digital rubles, regulating these operations.

A document that amends the Civil Code was also approved for the introduction of norms on digital rubles. The law will include such concepts as a digital wallet, a digital account, and the procedure for making payments in digital rubles.

The digital ruble is one of the forms of the Russian national currency, combining the properties of cash and non-cash money. The Central Bank explained that the digital ruble will be available to all subjects – citizens, entrepreneurs, companies, the state. The digital ruble will perform all the functions of money – a means of payment, a measure of value and a means of saving. One ruble in cash or non-cash will be equivalent to one digital ruble.