Exemption from payment of property tax under the USN

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Currently, benefits are available to businessmen who use property in business activities. The Federal Tax Service issued an official explanation explaining in detail how the company will be able to avoid paying property tax if it works for the USN.

Businesses on the USN are exempt from personal property tax if the property exists only for doing business. The exception is real estate, since it is necessary to pay a tax for the cadastral value.

The property is considered to be used in business activities in the case of entrepreneurial activities, such as renovation of premises, and during the period of its actual use within the framework of the business.

To receive the benefit, the taxpayer sends a package of documents indicating the right to the benefit. After reviewing the documents, the tax service will notify you about the granting of benefits or inform you about the refusal. Information confirming the use of the object in business activities during the tax benefit period should also be available to the tax service.

At the moment, existing benefits for entrepreneurs include exemption from personal property tax when using it in business activities. Real estate assessed at cadastral value is excluded from this rule. Confirmation of the use of property in business is required to obtain a benefit, for which you must apply to the tax service with an appropriate application.