Receiving an electronic signature remotely: Instructions from the Federal Tax Service of Russia

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The Tax Service reminded the organization and IP address on its official website of the possibility of registering a qualified email without contacting a certification center. In a remote format using biometrics, you can issue a CEP using the new service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia “Start a Business Online”. The experiment to introduce such a service will take place from 03/01/24 to 03/01/25 in all regions of the country (RF Government Decree No. 144 dated 02/13/24).

Companies can issue a signature in their personal account on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the tab “issue an electronic signature certificate using the ESIA and EBS”, and owners can also sign in the taxpayer’s personal account in the “services” section. Services”. In this case, you should select “receive an electronic signature”, and then “receive an electronic signature certificate” and then indicate the remote method of receiving email using biometrics.

You can log in to your personal account as an individual entrepreneur using your login and password, or through your government services account.

To complete this electronic connection remotely you will need:

  • a confirmed account on the government services portal;
  • confirmed registration in the Unified Biometric System. It can be done in one of the 13 thousand branches of the list of banks that are on the government services portal in the “map of service centers” section;
  • a computer or laptop with a power outlet and microphone, as well as an electronic download tool installed on it;
  • an electronic medium (token) certified by the FSTEC of Russia or the FSB of Russia for recording email keys.

Based on the results of authorization on the public services portal and confirmation of identity through the EBS, it will be necessary to check the data of the preliminary application for obtaining a certificate. Then you need to prepare electronic keys and the corresponding certificate for recording on electronic media (token).