A benefit for small technology companies

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Small technology companies will be able to take out loans at a reduced rate of only 3%. They will be provided with up to 1 billion rubles so that they can either invest and develop, or cover current expenses. To obtain such a loan, business will not need to undergo complex checks or provide additional documents. The main condition is to be on the list of small technology companies.

Support will be available to companies that are working on new technologies in 14 priority sectors. This includes areas such as artificial intelligence, advanced communications, mobile communication networks, and hydrogen energy.  The application review time is up to one and a half months.

By investment goals, the Chamber of Ministers means goals related to spending funds on the acquisition of assets or business development in order to make a profit in the future. It is about investing in new technologies, purchasing equipment, expanding production or diversifying the business.

Investments play a key role in the development of companies, allowing them to strengthen their market positions, increase competitiveness and increase profitability. However, investing also involves certain risks, so it is important that companies carefully plan their investment strategies and monitor their implementation.

Turnaround goals will also be included in the group that will be given a benefit. They mainly include payment of wages, purchase of raw materials and supplies, payment for services, as well as covering other current expenses necessary to keep the business in working order. For small technology companies, turnaround goals may also include the cost of marketing, product promotion, maintenance of technical and organizational infrastructure, as well as the cost of research and development of new technologies. Ensuring sufficient financing for turnaround purposes is no less important than investing in development, as it allows companies to effectively manage their current operations and ensure the stability of their business.