The Federal Tax Service announced changes in taxes for certain entrepreneurs

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The payment of taxes for the self–employed can be assigned to digital employment platforms, intermediary platforms between the contractor and the client, such as aggregators “Yandex” or “Sber”.

If an individual entrepreneur operates through a specialized platform, then he pays his taxes himself. They want to change this.

The initiative to transfer the function of a tax agent to the sites was made by a representative of the Ministry of Labor, and the Federal Tax Service supported the proposal. It is proposed to include in the list of rights and obligations of the digital employment platform the exercise of “the function of a tax agent for calculating and paying taxes on income received by a platform employee.” As one of the interlocutors of Vedomosti clarified, the probability that the norm will be included in the bill is high, but much will depend on the final decision of the Federal Tax Service.

Representatives of the Ministry of Labor, as well as digital platforms “Yandex”, “Sber”, Ozon, YouDo did not respond to requests from Vedomosti. A representative of Wildberries said that the company is ready to consider and discuss a proposal to transfer the functions of tax agents to marketplaces.

The Ministry of Finance has decided on the personal income tax rates that employees of Russian companies working from abroad should pay. According to the agency’s proposal, the rate should remain at the level of 13-15%, depending on the level of income. The rule is relevant for employees who work under labor and civil law contracts, and does not depend on tax residency.