Tax Service intends to introduce a new tax regime for small businesses.

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The initiative of the Tax Service on the introduction of a new tax regime is being actively discussed in the entrepreneurial community, in which businesses will not need to pay insurance premiums – only taxes.

Let’s try to predict the future and discuss the news that tax authorities are planning to introduce a new tax regime for small businesses. Such an initiative is not news for experienced accountants and lawyers. A similar bill was introduced by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation at the end of 2019 to the State Duma, which provided for exemption from tax accounting for taxpayers who are on a simplified taxation system and use an online cash register.

The activity plan of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation for 2021 assumes the appearance of December 01, 2021, of the subsystem “USN-online”, which will give the right to take promptly into account income and not submit reports to small businesses. If such initiative is implemented, the tax authorities will control both income and expenses.

What is known today:

1. Taxes will now be calculated by inspectors; businesses will only have to pay it.

2. Special mode is possible for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

3. The right to use the special regime will be only for businesses that apply the simplified taxation system.

4. It is mandatory to have an online sales register.

5. Wages are paid in a non-cash way, where the bank is an agent for calculating personal income tax.

6. The tax period will be one month, which is quite convenient when working with a significant amount of information, at the same time – a systematic replenishment of the treasury.

7. Small business tax accounting is now the responsibility of banks and tax authorities.

8. Taxpayers will be monitored online; all business activity data will be obtained from entrepreneurs’ bank accounts.

The fundamental point is the integrity of business, since the initiative of the Federal Tax Service is aimed at refusing insurance premiums and, as a result, increasing the wages of employees.

The question of ways and sources of formation of pension savings of employees remains open.

Such special modes are widely used abroad and have proven themselves on the positive side.

We would like to hope that the tax authorities and business will find the most profitable option of cooperation, considering the interests of both sides.