Requirements for banks to protect transactions with digital rubles

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The Central Bank has established requirements for a mobile bank and an Internet bank of the client that will work with digital rubles.

On July 24, the law on the introduction of the digital ruble in Russia was signed. The document specifies the requirements for creating an electronic platform for transactions with a new form of Russian currency.

The draft regulation of the Bank of Russia establishes a number of special requirements that will apply to banks, in addition to those that already apply to traditional transfers. Thus, the document defines the requirements for the minimum class of means of cryptographic protection of information in the exchange of electronic messages.

In addition, banks need to use an electronic signature, for which the certification center of the Bank of Russia has issued supporting documents.

Information about funds on digital wallets and transactions with the national digital currency will be protected. As well as information necessary for authorization and user identification.

Compliance with the requirements will ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information when conducting transactions with digital rubles.

The mass introduction of the digital ruble in Russia is expected to be possible from the beginning of 2025. Testing of the digital ruble will begin with basic operations, in 2024 they will be expanded to other operations, in particular contactless payments using NFC technology.