Reduced time period of posting data about company debts on the website of the Federal Tax Service

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The Federal Tax Service has updated the period during which data on the amounts owed by organisations, tax offences and measures of liability for their commission will be kept in the public domain.

Instead of one year, such data will be stored for at least one month following the day of its posting on the website of the tax service.

This means that after the information is published on the website of the service, it will be available for viewing and downloading for at least the next full month.

For example, if data were published on 15 June, they will be available on the website until the end of July. If the data were published on 1 May, they will be available until the end of June.

The new data retention procedure will be effective from 19 May 2024.

Among the data on tax law offences, the following will be available:

  • amounts of arrears
  • arrears of penalties and fines, – applied measures of responsibility for these offences.

In addition, information on the average number of employees and the amount of taxes paid by an organisation for the preceding calendar year is available on the tax authorities’ website.