Accounting outsourcing

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Hiring a full-time accountant or setting up a finance department is costly. Therefore, our company offers small and large businesses accounting outsourcing in Moscow. We will undertake all accounting tasks, guaranteeing high quality, safety and reliability of services. Helping a remote company will cost you less, but at the same time, our specialists will always be in touch and in the know.

Practice has proven the effectiveness of outsourcing accounting. It saves money and allows you to receive high-quality, uninterrupted service.

Who is this service suitable for?

According to the requirements of Russian legislation, each company must maintain accounting records: from the moment of official establishment to closure. Even if the company exists only on paper, this does not eliminate the need to submit reporting documents to the tax authorities. Therefore, all enterprises need the services of a competent accountant and financial specialists, regardless of the scale, industry and specifics of doing business.

However, hiring full-time accountants is not always profitable, especially if the company is just starting work, and therefore it is necessary to rationally use the available resources. In such situation, outsourcing accounting for LLCs or firms of other forms of ownership will be the best solution. Hiring an outsourcing company will be cheaper than hiring specialists in the staff, and at the same time you will receive high-class services, professional advice from experienced lawyers and accountants.

Large enterprises that have a streamlined workflow will also benefit from cooperation with an outsourcing company. We will help you optimize accounting, reduce the tax base using legal methods. In addition, our company conducts an audit of financial statements, so VALEN specialists will prepare accounting documents for tax audits.

Individual entrepreneurs do not have to deal with the full accounting; however, they also fill out financial and tax documents and need competent calculations. Turning to an outsourcing company will save entrepreneurs from mistakes, fraught with fines and other sanctions, help assess the profitability of the business, and optimize budget payments. At the same time, the support of experienced specialists will not be too expensive.

In theory, entrepreneurs and even managers of large companies can handle accounting on their own. The law does not oblige organizations to hire specialists. However, in practice, this is a difficult and time-consuming task that requires deep knowledge, experience and high qualifications. VALEN specialists have all this. They closely monitor changes in Russian legislation to ensure that your documentation is 100% compliant with government requirements.

Full cycle of accounting services

You can completely transfer the document flow into the hands of qualified VALEN specialists or entrust us with the solution of individual tasks. If your organization is just starting to work, we will help you create an accounting system, choose the optimal taxation system, establish personnel records and other important areas of activity. We will also advise you on any financial and legal issues, take on the filing of reports with regulatory authorities and much more.

However, if necessary, you can order only individual services from us: one-time or on an ongoing basis. We will conduct an audit, check financial and tax documents, draw up primary reporting, find ways to legally optimize mandatory payments. VALEN specialists can take over the calculation and calculation of wages, bonuses, vacation pay and hospital workers. We can also prepare a company for a tax audit or prepare and submit reports on a regular basis.

The outsourcing company VALEN guarantees not only high quality services, but also complete confidentiality and protection of information. We use the latest technologies to protect our clients’ financial data. Documents related to your business will not be seen by anyone except the managers and trusted employees of your company.

Accounting services and outsourcing accounting are:


  • staff of qualified specialists;
  • work experience;
  • recommendations of regular customers;
  • only successful passing of tax audits.


  • availability on all working days;
  • interchangeability of specialists;
  • the ability to remotely access the 1C database of the enterprise;
  • the ability to remotely manage bank accounts;
  • submission of all reports in electronic form.


  • the cost of outsourcing accounting is lower than the cost of your own employee and software;
  • saving your own working time to solve financial issues.

Benefits of remote accounting

In 2020, many enterprises are faced with an unwillingness to fully work under quarantine conditions, when an employee has to be transferred to remote work. A weak IT organization and poor control over remote task execution are making themselves felt. However, we will help you solve these problems and establish remote accounting operations.

Outsourced accounting services initially involve remote work. Therefore, we have a delicately debugged service delivery model, IT platform and business processes. You do not need to control the work of our specialists: the VALEN company guarantees the quality and efficiency of tasks. We work according to a proven methodology, all processes are automated. Our company successfully combines modern digital technologies and a classical approach. Therefore, our accountants are involved in the processes of your company and understand the specifics of the industry.