Planned amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation

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A draft law on amendments to tax legislation has been submitted to the State Duma. The authors believe that some changes are dictated by the development of technology and progress in general, some provisions have not changed for a very long time or have become completely irrelevant or significantly worsen the situation of entrepreneurs and companies in 2023. According to the bill, the main innovations will affect the following areas of taxation:

Insurance contributions

  • In order to exempt employers from insurance contributions, it is proposed to introduce limits on compensation payments when paying expenses to remote workers for the use of their own or leased equipment, software and hardware, and information security tools to perform labor functions.
  • The draft specifies the introduction of rationing of the amounts of daily allowance payments to employees who carry out itinerant work. These payments will also replace daily allowances for shift workers.
  • The place of presentation of the calculation of insurance contributions for taxpayers belonging to the largest taxpayers is being clarified.

STS (simplified tax system)

  • The draft law provides for the possibility of applying a simplified taxation system by investment advisers. This special tax regime can be applied by both organizations and individual entrepreneurs who help develop a personal financial plan for investment.
  • Also, if the organization applying the USN changes its location, the procedure for calculating the tax will be regulated if a reduced tax rate is established in one of the subjects of Russia

One of the significant changes may also be the introduction of a message on the calculated amounts of transport and land taxes for foreign organizations, if they submit to the tax authority an application for termination of its branch or representative office.