Pilot project for VAT refund to foreigners has been extended until the end of 2021

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The experiment on VAT refund to foreigners when exporting goods purchased in Russia outside the EAEU (tax free) has been extended until the end of 2021. Government Decree No. 22 of January 20, 2021 comes into force from the date of its publication.

The pilot tax free project started in the Russian Federation on April 10, 2018, when the first check was issued. At first, the project involved some stores in Moscow (for example, GUM), Krasnogorsk, St. Petersburg and Sochi. Then the number of regions for the pilot project was increased.

All foreigners, except for tourists from the EAEU countries, can return VAT on purchases made in our country. The tax refund system applies to goods, including appliances, food, clothing, jewelry, books, medicines, purchased within one day for an amount of at least 10 thousand rubles. Tax-free does not apply to excisable goods. Such as, for example, alcohol and tobacco. Also, the tax cannot be compensated for when buying any goods over the Internet.