CEO outsourcing

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The CEO is a vital cog in any company.

However, sometimes the situation arises in which, for one reason or another, the CEO is temporarily absent from the company. This problem often arises in foreign companies with a foreign CEO, since the official foreigner employment process in Russia is much more difficult than employing Russian citizens.

In this regard, prior to the official employment of the foreign employee, we can offer CEO (“interim manager”) outsourcing services.

When is outsourcing a CEO necessary?

  • Registration of a new company

According to Russian law, a CEO is required at the stage of company registration.

However, if the CEO is a foreigner, then before taking up his or her duties, a work permit will be needed (a procedure that takes at least 1 month). During this time, an interim manager is needed.

  • Change of CEO

An interim manager is also necessary if a CEO has already left his or her post, a new candidate for the position has not yet been found, and the company cannot suspend its activities for the duration of the recruitment process.

Our services:

  • Representation of company interests in state bodies, with the exception of courts
  • Verification and signing of agreements, with the exception of credit, loan and other agreements in which loan obligations are imposed by third parties
  • Preparation and issuance of powers of attorney
  • Signing of accounting and tax documents (invoices, service acceptance certificates)
  • Verification and signing of any other documents requiring the signature of the company CEO
  • Support in connection with the notarization of documents