What will 2022 be like for business?

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2020 and 2022 have been memorable for the global economy. Have companies managed to adapt to the pandemic reality in the modern world? What will the market be like?
The conditions of the modern economy have shown a new trend – digitalization and restructuring of key business processes, based on the recommendations of data analytics. The introduction of operational online and offline operations is becoming the main business model in the service market. Mobile applications and online stores give a greater increase in profits.
It is necessary to calculate the logistics, organize affordable delivery to the client. Business process streamlining, automation and perhaps partnerships can contribute to this challenge. In addition, high inflation and shortages in various product groups are likely to remain challenges in the new 2022, which will require additional efforts in category management and work with suppliers.
Of course, the key focus for the CEO will remain people. Digital transformation, regardless of the scope of the company, implies flexibility and high speed of adaptation to external changes, competitors’ actions, consumer sentiment, and this is possible with proper employee management and mature internal motivation. Companies are interested in personnel who, regardless of status, experience, age, strive to acquire new skills and knowledge themselves, and business must offer appropriate resources and opportunities for this.
It is also important that artificial intelligence will retain its status as one of the most applied innovations for business. IT services are in demand both in routine processes and in complex stories associated with risks or consumer behavior.
It is already obvious today that Russian business will have to go through a stage of even more economical and rational use of its own funds, but it is already obvious that most companies are really set on transforming their business and operational processes for the purposes of sustainable development.