Verification of a foreign counterparty became available online

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A new service “Register of Accredited Branches, Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities” has appeared on the website of the Federal Tax Service  with the help of which everyone can clarify information about a foreign counterparty.

The service provides an opportunity for any interested person free of charge: to find and view information about branches, representative offices of foreign legal entities contained in open and public information of the state register; view the list of all accredited branches, representative offices of a foreign legal entity; obtain an extract from the register of a specific branch, representative office of a foreign legal entity or a certificate of absence of the requested information in the form of an electronic document signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature.

To check, it is enough to enter one of three details in the appropriate field: the state accreditation record number (NZA), INN, KPP or the name of the representative office (branch) of a foreign organization and click the search button.

After that, the list of branches and representative offices of foreign companies corresponding to the entered parameters will be displayed on the screen. For each of them, its NZA and the date of its assignment, TIN and KPP, the full name of the branch (representative office), address, as well as the date of termination of accreditation will be indicated. If you find the company you are interested in in the list that appears, you can save detailed information about it to your computer in PDF format.

The site will also contain information on the number of foreign employees of the branch, data on its head, details of the certificate confirming the entry in the state register, and so on.

Service data is updated daily 1 time per day. The last update date is displayed on the search results page.

Extracts from the register and certificates of the absence of the requested information provided by the service, in accordance with the provisions of the article “On Electronic Signature”, are recognized as equivalent to a paper document signed with a handwritten signature.