The Federal Tax Service has launched a service that allows you to find out by TIN whether there is a right to defer the payment of contributions

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The Russian government has postponed by 12 months the deadlines for paying insurance premiums calculated for the second quarter for 78 industries and for the second and third quarters for 39 industries. You can also postpone the payment of individual entrepreneur contributions “for yourself” from income that exceeded 300 thousand rubles in 2021. The deferral applies to persons whose information is contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or EGRIP as of April 1, 2022, whose OKVED is included in the annexes to the Cabinet’s resolution.
You can now find out whether the deferred payment of insurance premiums applies to an organization or an individual entrepreneur using the updated service “Checking the possibility of extending the payment deadlines for the simplified tax system and insurance premiums,” the Federal Tax Service said.
To check using the service, the user just needs to enter his TIN. The FTS system will check whether the applicant meets the requirements and reflect the result – whether or not you can use the support measure. Eligible individuals will proactively extend their payment deadlines. No applications are required.
A new opportunity was launched a month ago to check the right to defer payment of tax under the simplified tax system. Many firms and individual entrepreneurs using the simplified tax system can postpone the payment of tax for 2021 and for the 1st quarter of the current year. But when deciding whether to postpone the payment of contributions, and by how much, it must be taken into account that taxes on the simplified tax system and on the PST calculated for the tax (reporting) period can only be reduced by the contributions actually paid in this period.