Tax privileges for IT companies

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 The Government of the Russian Federation plans to significantly ease the requirements for accredited IT companies eligible for tax benefits with new tax amendments in April 2022, and the number of such companies may increase.

Since the beginning of 2021, for companies in the IT industry, the income tax rate has been reduced in stages. Initially, the regional rate was reset, and for enrollment in the federal budget, the rate was 3%.

For 2022-2024, under the new federal law of March 26, 2022, IT companies are completely exempt from income tax if three conditions are met simultaneously: the company has a document on state accreditation; the share of income from IT – at least 90% of total income, excluding income related to the distribution of advertising on the Internet; the average number of employees is at least 7 people.

Preferential rates are entitled to apply to two categories of firms: those who work in the field of information technology, including accompanying their own computer products; developers and designers of products of electronic component base and radio-electronic and electronic products.

It is also planned to attribute to beneficiaries: developers and sellers of Russian software and hardware systems (PAK); information security companies.

It is necessary to consider the share of preferential income – it should be at least 90% of the total income of the company, which is determined based on the results of the tax period. Thus, the amendments should reduce the amount of revenue from IT activities from 90% to 70%.

It is also necessary to take into account restrictions on the types of income. Income that is considered in calculating the right to a benefit includes income received for: the development and implementation of own programs for electronic computers and databases on a tangible medium or in the form of an electronic document through communication channels; provision of services, the performance of work on the development, adaptation, modification of programs; databases, software tools and information products, installation, testing and maintenance of programs. Income from the provision of services for the installation, testing, and maintenance of programs, and databases does not include income from the provision of rights to use computer programs for advertising purposes. Do not consider income when: advertising information on the Internet and gaining access to it, placing an offer for the sale of goods, works, services, or property rights on the Internet; searching for information about buyers and sellers, and closing deals.

In addition, tax preferences established for IT organizations will be extended to developers of applications for mobile devices. They will also become available to organizations involved in the implementation and installation, testing, as well as maintenance of domestic solutions.

These measures are aimed at improving the conditions for conducting IT activities and their further development.