Tax changes 2023

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Currently, a draft law has been proposed that will significantly change the usual process of paying taxes to the budget; it is under consideration by the State.

According to the possible amendments, each taxpayer: an organization, an individual entrepreneur, an individual will have to pay to the treasury through the STP – a single tax payment. The tax authorities will take into account payments and the tax liability of the payer opened in the Treasury on a single tax account – STA, in aggregate for all taxes, penalties, fines. The tax authorities will distribute the total amount paid in turn: first close the arrears, then taxes, fees, contributions, advances, and then penalties, interest and fines.

A single deadline for the submission of all tax reporting will be established – the 20th day of the month following the reporting period. There will also be a single payment deadline – the 25th of the month, including for “agent” personal income tax – before the 25th, it will be necessary to transfer the tax withheld for the period from the 20th of the previous month to the 19th of the current month.

A positive account balance will indicate that the taxpayer has an overpayment, a negative one means that he has amounts to be paid, and a zero one means that everything accrued has been paid.

Accruals to the STA will be reflected on the basis of submitted reports, tax notices and messages – for taxes that are not declared (personal taxes of individuals, transport, land, “cadastral” property taxes of organizations), decisions of tax authorities on additional charges based on the results of control measures, etc.

The ability to refund overpayments for individual taxes will disappear, the refund will be possible only with a positive total balance of the STA. The procedure for offsetting one tax against others will also be excluded. But it will be possible to offset the positive balance against the tax liability of another person. The procedure for refunding VAT and excises will also change. Instead of returning the money, the amount of the refund will increase the balance of the STA.

If the amendments are adopted, this method of paying taxes for the majority of payers will be the only possible one. The plan is to introduce the new order in 2023. Well, they will start testing it on volunteers – taxpayers who will risk testing a single tax payment from 1st of July 2022.