Rules for calculating insurance premiums

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Insurance premiums are mandatory payments that are made as part of pension, medical, social and other types of insurance for legal entities and individuals. They are necessary to ensure financial payments when an insured event occurs illness, death, loss of property or deposits, and so on.

The procedure for calculating mandatory insurance premiums is regulated by law. The main category of payers pays regularly up to 30% of the total amount. For pension insurance, these figures are different: 22%. And if insurance is issued in case of temporary disability or the appearance of a child – 2.9%. For medical insurance, the amount of monthly payments should not exceed 5.1% of the base.

The application of the base is the amount of payments that is the object of taxation, accrued for a certain period. At the same time, amounts that are not subject to contributions are excluded from the calculations: compensation, benefits, and the like.

For each individual and legal entity, the base will be calculated separately. Calculation of insurance premiums, the calculation of insurance premiums occurs at the end of the calendar month, count from the beginning of the period until the beginning of the next billing period.

Some types of insurance provide for a limit on premiums. These types of insurance include pension, compulsory social and in case of a child. However, the law provides for exceptions to this rule: contributions from the main category of payers who use tariffs. For pension insurance it is 22%, contributions in excess of the limit – 10%.

The size of the base for calculating insurance premiums is indexed every year:

The maximum value of the base for calculating insurance premiums from 2022:

  • for mandatory pension insurance – 1,565,000 rubles;
  • for compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with motherhood – 1,032,000 rubles.

Injury insurance premiums are always paid into the social security fund. If the company has a separate division in another city, payments are made at the location of the head office. But if the unit has the appropriate authority, it must pay insurance premiums at its own address. In this case, insurance premiums are paid on a divisional basis.

Each type of insurance premiums is paid by separate payment documents. The correctness and timeliness of payment of contributions is controlled by the tax authorities and the social insurance fund with the help of desk and field audits.