Number of Tax office Moscow

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Each company operating on the territory of the Russian Federation reports to the tax office of its territorial body, that is, when summing up the results of the company’s activities – for a month, quarter or year, and the formation of economic results – it is necessary to submit reports to the tax service.

It is important to conduct at least a quarterly reconciliation with the Russian tax department  to make sure there are no arrears. This will save every company or individual from possible blocking of accounts, penalties and fines.

General information can be found in open sources on the website of the tax service of the Russian Federation – , here, when registering in your personal account, you can find information about current and paid taxes, see the history of taxes, make sure that payment passed, and there are no debts.  using the state website, you can find the phone number of the tax service to which the company or individual belongs, according to the territorial feature: city, region. Also, on this site you can always find phones in the sections by region.

If you need to ask questions “live” – ​​there is a general contact of the Moscow tax reference – 8-800-222-2222. The site works in both English and Russian.

If your company has any questions, Valen Group can help with tax advice. The provision of services is possible in English and Russian.