New tax incentives and support measures: how else the government will help the economy

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Currently, the Russian government is developing planned tax support measures for companies:

  1. Reduction of fixed insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs to the level of the previous year
  2. STS revenue bet 3%
  3. STS income – expenses reduce the rate to 6%
  4. Equalize the rates of insurance premiums for all non-state private companies and enterprises, regardless of their industry affiliation, regardless of whether SMEs or not: 7% on the full salary of an employee, including the minimum wage, for all industries. For a period of at least 5 years.
  5. In production, set the amount of insurance premiums of 7% and personal income tax- 0%.
  6. Reduce VAT to 10% for all service and hospitality enterprises for a period of at least 5 years.
  7. A moratorium on holding legal entities liable for legal relations with self-employed and individual entrepreneurs for a period of one year.
  8. Increasing the limit for SMEs to 3 billion rubs (23 726 700 euro). Without reference to the number of employees
  9. Increasing the revenue limit under the simplified tax system to 3 billion rubs (23 726 700 euro).
  10. Cancellation of VAT for agricultural producers, consumer goods and food production, as well as for priority sectors for import substitution.
  11. Cancellation of income tax advance
  12. Cancellation of VAT advance payment, payment once a year after the fact
  13. Tax holidays for 3 years when opening a new production for those who produce consumer goods, including food production. But not for factories opened in 2021.
  14. Cancel restrictions, duties, VAT import and export of electronic components by amount and weight. In particular, the rules for the constant passage of export control for the same products.
  15. Reduce the property tax by 50% for 2 years and make the rate equal to 0% for manufacturing enterprises.
  16. Reducing the amount of VAT payable to the budget by the amount of direct investment in development for the manufacturing sector.