New responsibilities for foreign employees from 2022

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Amendments to two Federal Laws – “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens” and “On State Fingerprint Registration in the Russian Federation”.
From December 29, 2021, foreigners need to go through more mandatory procedures to work in Russia.
For those who come to work in the Russian Federation, you need to pass:
• Dactyloscopy (fingerprinting) and photo registration (subsequent biometric identification).
• Medical examination – to confirm the absence of dangerous infections (including HIV) and drug addiction.
Mandatory state fingerprint registration and photographing of foreign citizens are carried out once.
The new obligations apply to foreign citizens who arrived in the Russian Federation in a manner that does not require a visa and stay here for a long time – more than 90 days in total during a calendar year.
The term for passing these procedures is 30 calendar days from the moment the foreigner enters Russia. It applies to labor migrants when they are provided with public services for registration and issuance of patents for work.
Fingerprint and photographic registration must be completed 1 time – when applying for a patent or when obtaining a work permit.
The medical examination must be re-passed within 30 calendar days after the expiration date of the documents from the previous medical examination.
Also, in order to increase the effectiveness of control over the stay of workers from the EAEU countries and members of their families in Russia, it was established:
• the period of temporary stay of a labor migrant determines the period of validity of his labor or civil law contract with the employer or customer of works (services), and is extended for the period of its validity;
• in the event that a labor migrant concludes such contracts for an indefinite period, the period of temporary stay in Russia is extended for a period of up to 1 year from the date of entry, which can be repeatedly extended, but not more than 1 year for each such extension.
Thus, it is believed that the introduction of mandatory fingerprinting, photo registration and medical examination for foreigners from December 29, 2021 will increase sanitary and epidemiological safety, contribute to the detection of crimes and significantly complicate the possibility of hiding real personal data by foreigners.