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One of the most unpleasant punishments from the tax authorities is the blocking of the company’s bank accounts. We will tell you what measures a company should take to urgently unblock a bank account. The blocking of bank accounts of companies and individual entrepreneurs from July 1, 2022 is carried out according to the new rules. Now some companies will be able to freely conduct any payments, while others will be under the threat of liquidation. For violations of tax laws, the IFTS may block the current account. The grounds for blocking are spelled out in Article 76 of the Tax Code. To remove the blocking, it is enough to fulfill the unfulfilled obligation and report it to the tax office. With the help of the services of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, this process can be accelerated, as well as additional information necessary for the resumption of operations can be obtained. Organizations and individual entrepreneurs that have personal accounts can send an application to cancel the suspension of operations on accounts online. Documents confirming the fulfillment of the obligation are also attached there. For example, debt repayment. If the company or individual entrepreneur does not have a personal account, you can use the new service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia “Prompt assistance: account unlocking”. It allows you to contact the operator of the Account Rehabilitation Assistance Center. Within 24 hours, by phone, which the taxpayer indicated in the electronic message, information is provided on the current status of the decision to suspend the account and the possibilities for its cancellation. To create a personal account, it is enough to contact any IFTS. At the same time, individual entrepreneurs can also do this using the “personal account of an individual” account, confirmed on the State Services portal, or an enhanced qualified electronic signature. If the inspection blocked the account illegally, you need to appeal the decision to block. For the illegal blocking of the account and its untimely unblocking, the IFTS of the organization and the individual entrepreneur are charged interest for the entire period of illegal blocking.