Audit services cost

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Audit of the financial and economic activities of a company, carried out by an auditor based on the submitted documents on financial statements. During the audit, the following are checked: financial statements, compliance with the rules and regulations established by state bodies, compliance with legal and business documents (charter, articles of association, contracts).

To conduct an audit, need to choose an audit company in the service market. Determine the current prices and conclude a contract.

How to choose an audit firm? How to determine the price of an audit?

To obtain a price offer, it is often proposed to fill out a preliminary examination card and provide the main indicators of the company’s activity in any convenient way: on the website of the audit firm or by contacting by phone. Based on the data received, specialists will form the cost of the audit.

Expected list of questions:

• The company’s revenue for the year;

• The value of the company’s property (balance sheet total);

• Tax regime;

• Number of employees, suppliers, buyers;

• Is the audit mandatory or is it management-initiated

Further, a preliminary assessment of the volume of upcoming services is carried out using indicators on the types of activities, on the number of business transactions, document flow, on the taxation system of a legal entity. The analysis of indicators is carried out according to the preliminary examination card for accounting. Based on the data, an invoice for audit services is issued and then the contract is signed.

Of course, the cost of an audit is a personal assessment of the cost of audit services, an individual value.

When choosing an audit firm and prices for services, it is necessary to be guided by the following principles:

• independence, fairness and impartiality of the firm;

• professionalism and punctuality;

• confidentiality and business ethics.

 Thus, by answering the questions on the list, having decided on the market price from the possible proposals, by choosing a company, the manager will receive a high-quality and effective assessment of the activity.