Accounting of LLC, where to start?

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. It is necessary to choose the most optimal taxation regime for LLC.

Since there is a general taxation regime and a simplified taxation regime, the tax burden of the company will be different with the same performance indicators. Therefore , the first important step is choosing the mode .

2. Determine the person responsible for accounting and tax accounting. There are possible options: the chief accountant is internal, the services of an outsourcing company, or the functions can be performed by the head.

3. The next step is the formation of accounting policy

4 . An important step is the development and approval of forms of primary accounting documentation

5. Development and Approval of the Working Plan of Accounts, local regulations

Accounting policy is an important document defining the principles of accounting and tax accounting of a company (LLC).

The company’s business operations are recorded in accordance with the legislation in primary documents, the forms of which are approved in the company’s accounting policy.

The working chart of accounts is also approved in the company’s accounting policy.

For the company, the issue of professional accounting is important, since the risks of errors are high – in the form of additional taxes, fines, etc.

The above documents can be developed only by a professionally competent specialist who knows the legislation and is guided by changes in legislation, with qualifications.

Therefore, companies often turn to outsourcing companies, which offer a wide range of services from one-time projects to full company support.