Accounting and tax consulting during the sanctions period

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Companies – in order to reduce costs, reduce risks, minimize taxation, unload the personnel and accounting department, turn to us for legal and accounting advice.

Valen, even in this difficult sanctions period, provides accounting and legal services, in particular, you can contact us for:

Liquidation of the company (accounting and tax part) – optimization of business processes before closing. Reconciliation and coverage of obligations. Drawing up an interim liquidation balance sheet and a final balance sheet.

Reduction of personnel is a period of unstable state of the company, there are questions of reduction, which is important to carry out correctly, in compliance with all requirements of labor legislation, as well as to make all payments to employees and pay taxes.

Tax optimization – reduction of taxes paid due to sanctions, as well as the current situation in the Russian Federation.

Application of tax incentives – an assessment of the company in terms of applicable incentives from the Russian government.

Opening current accounts – foreign economic activity for the transfer of funds for goods and services.

Currency control consultation  – in terms of the distribution of cash flows. Overview of currency risks.